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Reminder: October is the Month of the Rosary!!

October 5, 2011 – Jacinta 1972 - Spiritual Photograph

Dear Friends,

I have something very important to show you.  Before I do, we need to establish some guidelines. 

# 1 – Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior.
# 2 – The Bible is the Word of God.
# 3 – There is a spiritual war taking place all around us.
# 4 – There are good agents and evil agents in the world.
# 5 – There are good prophets and evil prophets in the world as well.

I am not going to sugarcoat what I am about to say.  It needs to be reiterated that we are in a WAR.  This war is not over territory, nor oil, nor gold.  This war is over souls.  Most of it has been hidden behind the scenes ever since Adam & Eve sinned.  But one thing we know is that at some point in time this war will no longer be hidden behind the scenes but will spill out over onto the stage of our lives in plain view of all.  When this war comes, we will be caught right in the middle of good vs. evil and we will have no choice but to pick sides.  I say this not to put fear in people, but to help prepare people for this truth.  We must not focus our attention on the war itself or the evil one, but we must put our focus on the Divine Mercy of Jesus Christ; right now, tomorrow and forever.  It is very important for people to understand that when this war takes place, many, many people will be afraid of the devil and his agents.  However, my friends, as sure as I am about anything, it is not the devil that you want to be afraid of in those times.  It is abandoning God that should be feared.  If you abandon God, he will at some point abandon you.  Remember back to when Jesus' disciples were locked in the upper room afraid for their lives?  I am quite sure that they were very confident that they would be killed next.  How could you not be if you were the disciples?  Your Lord just got murdered and you, his disciple will somehow be left unharmed?  Yeah right.  But do you know what they prayed for up in that room?  It was not for God to spare their lives.  They prayed for courage and for God’s will to be done upon them.  Know this my friends.  No matter how frightening the devil or his agents might be, he is only a sliver of power compared to an almighty, all-powerful God who we have all abandoned at one time or another in our lives.  All God asks from us is for us to focus on his Mercy and repent from our sinful ways.  And even if that may cost you your life in the end, be confident of this: God is in control, God loves you and God will shelter you in his Mercy if you give all of your trust to him, who created you. 

Before I get into the topic of this current update, I want to share with you an analogy.  Picture that you are a 5th grader in school and you have been harassed by a huge 9th grader.  Matter of fact, the 9th grader has even threatened to beat you up after school.  As that time approaches, fear and dread set in.  You watch the clock hoping that the school bell never rings.  However, place all of your confidence in your one all-powerful, all-loving, Merciful God.  And although God may allow that 9th grader to come confront you after school, do not let the truth leave your heart.  The truth is that God is already on his way with his army of angels and will completely obliterate that 9th grader from one side of the universe to the other.  Therefore do not fall under the influence of that 9th grader.  Do not forget my friends, it is not the 9th grader that you should fear.  Place your hope, love and trust in God.  He will not let you down.  This will be your test. He is always with you and he will not leave your side when the 9th grader does come to confront you.  Whoa to those 5th graders that side with the 9th grader!  The absolute fear they will feel when the truth is revealed will be 1,000,000,000 times more than anything that the devil can ever make us feel.  If these 5th graders that join the devil (and abandon God) only knew the true power of God and the legions upon legions of angels with swords coming to battle against the 9th grader and his cohorts, they would not have given up hope!  Do not give up hope my friends.  Embrace the truth and ask for pardon for your sins, not only with your lips but most importantly with your heart.  God will defend you in your time of need and will give you strength if you ask for it.  Ask and you shall receive.

The reason why I shared that with you specifically here is that what I am about to show you is either demonic or it is from heaven.  There is no middle ground on what I am about to show you.  I want you to take a look at a specific image and process it with me in my analysis that will follow so that you can evaluate it for yourself. 

jacmain -

“The ‘Jacinta 72’ photo that Robert F. took on September 14,1971. Jacinta, the child-seer of Fatima (inset), appeared to Veronica at a vigil, to confirm that she had written the message on the picture. She wanted to draw attention to the prophecy that she had made before her death concerning the year 1972. The date refers to the year of the takeover of Pope Paul VI's reign by Satan and his agents through faithless members of the Curia. Also, in the wording "Jacinta" is found the hour, day, month and year of the Chastisement to befall mankind.”

A friend of mine had emailed me the link to the site above and thought that it was important that I take a look at it.  I reviewed the site and after about 5 minutes of studying the photos I realized that I could see the date (5, 9, and 13) in one of the pictures: (The picture on the left I got permission to publish on my site, and is unmodified from their site. The one on the right contains my red markings to show you what I saw in the image)

first 5913Jacinta

About an hour later after thinking about the picture I realized something else and updated the picture to this:

(Again, the left one is unmodified and the right one has my markings in pink to show you what I saw in regards to the time).

firstb TimeJacinta

This is the email I sent my friend afterwards:

Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 10:05 AM - “Hey real quick.  I only have a brief moment so I wanted to share something with you that I just found.  I just realized that on the picture I showed you of 13, 5,9 that the left column is the date and the right column is the time.  20:51.  The significance of that is that Conchita said that the miracle would happen around 8:30pm (20:30) time.  She said that it would last about 15 minutes or so.  Therefore I believe the miracle will actually last 21 minutes and then if the other prophesizes are true then that would mean Chastisement would begin at 20:51 which I myself believe that from the image of the tilma indicates that the devil will descend down upon the earth in physical dragon form.  I will respond back to your email later today.  I look forward to talking with you more!”


My Analysis on “Jacinta 1972”

“So Casey, you must be pretty excited because this would really support your theory?” 

Actually, no.  Initially I was.  But then I got thinking about it.

Here’s the deal.  I cannot tell you for certain whether this image is heavenly or demonic and I will explain why.  One thing I am pretty sure of is that this image has all of the signs of being “spiritually” made.  But which side is it from? Please keep in mind; it is not only the side of good that can produce “miracles” and “wonders”.  Remember back to Moses when he turned his staff into a snake and the river into blood?  The Pharaoh’s “magicians” were able to do that as well.  (On a side note, is it not interesting that Pharaoh’s magicians were able to duplicate it, but they were not able to change the river back into water from blood?  I find that very interesting.)  Both sides have powers.  So just because someone can pull a rabbit out of a hat, doesn’t mean that it is an authentic miracle.  The evil one has “magicians” working for him even now that will show all of us great signs.  We must proceed with extreme caution and in my opinion have our bibles in our hands through all of this.  If our bibles are tucked away collecting dust, what does that say about our souls?

As I have said above, the war that we are in has both good agents and bad agents that are working for the spiritual realm.  If you have witnessed people like Mother Theresa in this world, you can be confident that there is more than likely at least one evil counterpart in the world trying to take this world in the other direction.  These evil ones do not walk around saying “hey I’m a bad person doing bad things, watch out for me!”  No.  Instead they are attractive and luring and draw sinners to them with “signs and wonders”. 

In this war (just like any war) there are objectives, strategies, spies and intelligence that are taking place here on earth.  One thing that we have to recognize is that even “bad” (or misleading) intelligence can be to your benefit if you know how to recognize it for what it is and you know what to do with it.  You must understand your enemy well and be able to sort through the intelligence that you receive and be able to discern the appropriate action to take.  For instance, if you intercept an enemy communication, it does not always mean that it is a truthful message.  The enemy may very well have transmitted it with the intention that the other side would “secretly uncover it” and then take an action on that misguided information. 

Our enemy is a master deceiver.  Satan’s intelligence should not be underestimated, nor what he is capable of.  He is cunning and he knows scripture better then any of us.  He can produce miracles and be ever so attractive.  When the devil does come, you can be confident that he will not look like the typical picture of the devil, all red with horns and a trident.  Initially, he will attract many people to himself probably through his looks and his worldly charisma.  But I do not think that means that he will necessarily be handsome. Rather I think he will be unique looking and that many people will be drawn to his looks. The devil can even get people to pray if it can serve a greater evil.  We are even told in the Bible that this will take place in end times. 

But when you are satan and you are not strong enough to take your adversary head on (like how satan will never be able to defeat God) then one of your best tools is to try and plant traps and deception to mislead troops from the other side.  At the same time like Dr. Creasy teaches in his classes, satan has had a couple of thousand years to study and understand the Word of God.  He knows what is coming and he can calculate many things and has access to a wealth of knowledge.  The only thing that none of us (especially the devil) know is when the King of Justice will come.  That is, when Christ will return with his Sword to defeat satan and the evil ones.  That is a hidden time.  But although that time is not known when Christ will come with the sword, the same is not true when he will come to gather his Elect.  Those are two separate days, two separate events as I have already shown to you.  Gathering your Elect is much like when Christ came the first time.  It was prophesized and details were given about it ahead of time. Clearly the Israelites had pointers to the coming of the Messiah. (Later on I will provide you the equation that was given to Daniel to predict the First Coming of Christ which I believe is the same equation for when Christ will come the Second Time as well. This is a link to that equation hypothesis.)

We are told multiple times in scripture that the Elect will be gathered.  So even if that happened tomorrow, none of us really should be surprised in the least because we have already been told by Christ that it would happen.  That day might seem hidden to us because we are blind, but to the spiritual world, they are not blind to this.  No one except for God the Father alone knows when Christ will come with the Sword.  That only makes common sense that you do not notify your enemy ahead of time when you will vanquish them.  But do know this.  That day is coming and satan knows this.  He has a limited amount of time to deceive and lead people astray and he will use as many wonders and miracles between now and then to lead people away from God. 

Let us talk for a moment about the difference between Gathering the Elect and Coming as the Just Judge with the Sword to vanquish your enemy.  (I pray that God will help me explain this properly.)  Let us look at Gathering the Elect as a military operation that involves going into a hostile zone to extract prisoners.  In this world, we have similar operations with our own military.  Gathering one prisoner can be a covert (undercover/secret) operation.  Gathering 5 prisoners can be more complex but could still be a covert operation.  Gathering 12 prisoners can be even more complex but still could be a covert operation.  But there is no way that gathering over a couple of million prisoners in a single day will be a covert operation.  It could be to God but God obviously has chosen not to make this a covert operation if he even proclaims it in the Gospels. Gathering a couple of million prisoners is not by any means a discrete operation in our terms.  Where as coming with the sword can be a covert operation including stealth, extracting a couple million prisoners will not be discrete.  The reason this will not be discrete with God is that God is choosing to show us his Glory at this time when he gathers his elect.

Revelation 12:10 - "Then I heard a loud voice in heaven say: 'Now have salvation and power come, and the kingdom of our God and the authority of his Anointed."

I firmly believe that is a reference to Christ coming in his Glory to gather his elect.

So if God was attempting to make it a “secret” operation to extract them, then why on earth would you ever tip your enemy off ahead of time that you intend to do this?  Ponder this from our own bible:

Mark 13:26 - “And then they will see ‘the Son of Man coming in the clouds’ with great power and glory, and then he will send out the angels to gather [his] elect from the four winds, from the end of the earth to the end of the sky.”

What on earth?!!  God, you just spilled the beans!  You tipped off the enemy what you are planning to do!  Why on earth would you do that????!???!

See, Gathering the Elect is not a covert operation and it never was designed to be so.  That is exactly my point.  I hear theologians keep saying “but no one knows the day or the hour”.  They are so stuck on that saying that they are unable to differentiate the Gathering the Elect from Coming with the SwordThey look at it as one military operation but in fact Christ is telling us that it is two separate operations.  Do not be blind to this my friends.  Even the devil has been tipped off to this.  But why would God do that?  Why would God tip the devil off that he is coming to retrieve prisoners?  If you do that then the devil has a chance to prepare for that operation.  What is this showing to us? 

My friends, I have taken this topic to contemplation today with prayer and this is what I arrived at.  In terms of how our military would handle such a situation of extracting a couple of million prisoners from a war zone, they would have to approach it with a lot of muscle and a lot of ammo; especially if the enemy is already tipped off to what we intended to do.  But let us not try to quantify Christ’s Power and Glory with our feeble minds.  We will fail if we attempt to quantify that.  To me, that passage from Mark speaks volumes.  He will come with “GREAT POWER AND GLORY”.  Essentially, we as stupid little humans have no concept of what this really means.  My eyes are beginning to open to the truth that Christ’s “POWER AND GLORY” are so massive that they will blind and paralyze all who see it.  I personally can see how the demons and even the devil himself will be so paralyzed with fear in the hour of his coming (specifically to gather his elect) that Christ will be able to just casually walk right into this war zone without a care in the world (just as though he owns it all – which he does), gather what he came for and just as “confidently” he will walk right back out with a confidence and brazen attitude like we can not even imagine.  (With all due respect to God Almighty, I by no means am making fun of this.  What I speak of cannot be adequately communicated with the English language.)  My point that I make here is that God’s Power and Glory are so beyond our imaginations that he does not even need to hide the fact that he will be gathering his Elect.  It is not a secret operation because we are told of it in advance.  It does not have to be because no one (not even the devil himself) can stand before it.  Even satan on that day will bow to God’s Power and Glory.

Ever witness such a situation where someone with incredible power intimidates others around them just by their presence?  I wish I could think of a better analogy here but let us say that you are at the local gas station buying a snack.  You get to the counter and right before you do so the President of the United States cuts in line right before you.  Are you going to allow this, or are you going to say “hey buddy, get to the back of the line!”?  Surely, if it was just an average person doing so, you may be inclined to say something.  More than likely, most people would just be disgusted and would not even have the courage to say anything about it to an average person, let alone someone who has power like the President.  The devil does not have courage.  He is a weasel.  If Christ jumped in line in front of the devil, I’m sure the devil would piss his pants, run off to hide his shame in himself and probably be so disgusted with his own cowardice that he would probably just keep punching himself in the face with his own disgust for himself.  Which angel or human can stand before God’s Glory?  None.

Back to the picture.  I am confident that the origins of the pictures I have shared with you are of “spiritual” origin.  It is either of God or it is not of God.  “So Casey, if it is possibly demonic then why would you share it with us?”  From the outside that may appear to be a good question but it is not.  God does not want us to be ostriches with our heads in the sand.  So if it is demonic, you better well be aware of it.  If it is heavenly then likewise you better well be aware of it.  God doesn’t ask us to fall for every, and any apparition, miracle or wonder.  Whatever brings us closer to him should be carefully analyzed.  He wants us to listen to him through his word (the Bible) and use our faith, our minds and our logic to protect ourselves.  If you are in a war you better understand your adversary and how your adversary works.  Otherwise you will be caught off guard and you will be conquered.  The devil wants to catch us all off guard.  The flip side to that is that the devil knows that there are those watching out for his traps and in those cases the best way to catch those people off guard is to get their attention redirected from your primary objective.  For instance, if you were a criminal and you wanted to gain access to a building with two security guards, how do you do that?  Well a good start would be calling in a possible threat to a part of the building that is far from where you are wanting to gain access to.  More than likely they will dispatch one of the guards to that location to investigate.  Now you only have to deceive or distract the other guard and then you have access.  Do not be fooled to think that the devil always attacks from the front.  He has multiple plans going on all at the same time and he will do his best to get your attention off of him and place it on something else that means very little to him.

If you are the devil, how do you attack a person who is religious and has already chosen God?  You do so by using what they believe in against themselves.  My friends, we are not miracle chasers.  If we are chasing miracles then the devil will show us signs and wonders to lure us away from God.  Do not be deceived to think that cannot be done.  That is why I think these pictures may be questionable.  Perhaps I am wrong on this photograph, but when in doubt, it is far better to be on guard and cautious then to fall into the trap of finding things that you are wanting to see.  How on earth did I translate that picture within an hour both time and date?  That picture has been around since 1971 and I saw it for 5 minutes and already saw 13, 5, and 9 so clearly and then within an hour I saw not only a date but also a time as well.  Rats share a common truth among their community. Bait is always too easy to come by. From what I am seeing in my research, all the other attempts to extract a time and date from that photograph only showed a few symbols at best.  Yet I find 7 numbers that all have meaning within a very short amount of time.  See what I am saying?  Even I who believe that the Coming of the Son of Man will be on 5/9/13 (around 20:30) still do not believe that everything that points to that is necessarily of God origin.  I may be open-minded to God but I do my best not to be naïve.  Here’s the trap in this and be very attentive to what I say here.  Say that I am right.  Say that the Coming of the Son of Man is around that specific time as I believe and on that specific date.  So what is the problem with that picture then?  Put yourselves in my shoes.  Here I am, already believing that time and date are accurate and then I see this picture which would essentially back up my claims exactly as I am telling people.  That should be evidence that I am right, should it not?  Not necessarily.  The trap in that is that the devil already knows what is going to happen then.  So if he produces images like this with the truth, and it seems to go along with the claims that I am making, then the next logical step would be to say that the images that are coming from those sets of apparitions are true apparitions.  Do you see the danger there?  It seems like such a small subtle step to make.  Matter of fact, it doesn’t even look like that much of a step at all to use that picture to support my claims.  But if you use that picture to support your claims then you have to adopt all of the other pictures of that apparition site as well as being valid.  I will not do that though.  My fear is that although I know Garabandal to be true, that God himself warned us that in end times there would be miracle workers with signs and wonders that would fool us.  Fooling a person does not mean that you lure them away with crap.  You do it with honey.  You do it with something people want to see.  I really have to thank my friend on this because he really helped me to look at this cautiously and I really appreciate him and his help.  Without him I may have fallen into this trap.

So here’s the funny thing.  At the present moment, I actually believe that the picture is correct on the time and date.  However, I am also under the current belief that it is the work of the devil in an attempt to use the truth to get his other “wonders” validated.  I myself cannot validate the claims that are made at the other apparition site.  Whereas I have confidence in Garabandal, I do not have confidence in these most recent events that are taking place in regards to the pictures.  As I said before, the devil knows how to use the truth to lead us astray.  With caution should we walk.  We are made to walk in the light of the day, but in the darkness we will stumble.

If you are the devil with your false prophets, targeting those who are trying to follow Christ, then your goal is not to change the message 180 degrees in the opposite direction.  It takes way too much energy to try and stop a moving train dead in its tracks and make it go backwards; but what you can do is derail it.  Matter of fact what you want to do is subtly steer them off course just enough where they believe they are still headed in the right direction but they never reach their intended destination.  And how do you do that?  Well the easiest way would be to use “miracles” and “wonders” to lure those looking for them and looking to be apart of them.  People who believe in Christ should not be chasing miracles.  If we are chasing miracles then we are headed straight into the traps of the devil.  The thing is that the devil can make himself to look like Christ himself if he wants to (and he will).  But just like a cardboard picture of the original, the devil can only be 2 dimensional at best.  That means that there will be discrepancies in the anti-christ that will conflict with the original Christ.  See, the Truth (or the Real Christ) can handle any scrutiny and no matter what angle you look at him, he cannot be proven to be false.  The devil on the other hand cannot do that.  The anti-christ may appear very Christ like at first, but given some time, analyzing him and what he says, a true follower of the real Christ will be able to see that he is not Christ.  The anti-christ will refute that there is a heaven because he does not want people’s attention to be on such a thing.  He will want people to place their attention of the heaven on earth but that is a trap. He will want all eyes on him as to deceive people.  Blessed are the blind people of that time, for their eyes will not be deceived. 

I want to give you another analogy here.  If you are the devil and you want to prey upon children in a certain neighborhood, how do you do it?  Do you come driving into the neighborhood in a scary looking van?  No.  You would dress yourself up as an ice cream man, driving your ice cream van into the neighborhood playing your sweet tune for the children to come to you.  Remember, satan used to be an angel of light.  He is able to present himself like that to deceive people.  The one thing he cannot do is be obedient to God.  If someone is not obedient to the Lord, you can be confident that satan is close at hand to that person.

As I have previously told my readers, I could either be right on my assessments of 5/9/13 or I could be wrong.  Due to the nature of what I am presenting to you, the one thing you cannot do is just lazily dismiss my findings.  You must attempt to either refute them or validate them based off of the Word of God.  If my words do not stand up to the Word of God then they must be defeated.  Let me put it this way.  If your neighbor calls you at 12:26 A.M. and tells you that he possibly saw someone walking through your backyard, are you really going to just go back to bed and dismiss the call without checking it out?  Possible threats must be investigated.  Especially if you have loved ones, then it is really your duty to be well informed with anything that concerns their safety.  That is why every couple of years I renew my CPR/First Aid certification.  It is not that I find it interesting.  I do it for my loved ones.  Does my family not deserve to be looked after in that way?

What we are dealing with here is our perception about truth and lies. If you were in a grocery store and a transient or a homeless person comes up to you and says that the world is ending, we all pretty much are going to dismiss that right away.  Why?  But if a transient or a homeless person comes up to you and says that someone is breaking into your car, are you not going to run outside to investigate?  Sometimes we are lazy and do not want to have to “waste” our time in investigating something that seems so polar opposite from the way in which we think.  Which works well for us most of the time.  Occasionally we find out in life that we should have paid more attention to the warnings signs, like when the engine blows in our car for the lack of oil even though the check engine light has been on for 6 months!  Sometimes, something will come across our radar that we can easily dismiss because it appears to be a very small threat if it is even a threat at all.  What I speak of here to you is not a small threat.  Some will read my words and dismiss them without investigating them on their own.  I could see how someone could do that if my website only had one sentence “I believe that 5/9/13 is the Coming of the Son of Man.”   Sure, I too would ignore such a website.  However, truthfully I am only half way done at this point in supporting my claims.  There is much that I have documented that I have not even been able to show you yet.  This topic is not shallow.  It is like a great old oak tree.  The roots run extremely deep and none of us will ever be able to find the end of them in this lifetime.  The claims I make to you on this site I do my very best to substantiate them with scripture and to back them up to the best of my ability.  Sure, 5/9/13 could come and go and I could be wrong.  But what if I am right?  Then what?

Here’s the relationship between the devil and the truth.  The devil can attempt to cover the truth or to manipulate the truth.  The devil can even tip people off to the truth or use it to distract people.  But the one thing the devil cannot do is destroy the truth or create his own truth.  Dates that people are born, or serve as kings, that is not something that the devil has control over.  As you will see in my full analysis which I will release in a few days, there are many things that the devil has no control over that are all pointing to the same thing. 

This may not be blatantly apparent in my website, but my faith does not lie in Garabandal.  My faith lies only in Jesus Christ and the Word of God.  That is where my faith is and that is where I recommend you place your faith as well.  If Garabandal coincides with and points to God, then so be it.  If Bayside and the other alleged apparitions do too, then so be it.  But that is not where our faith needs to be.  Our faith and our focus need to be on God’s Mercy.  There is more then enough room to put our trust in the Church approved apparitions and be solid in them.  Even more of a solid foundation is the Bible itself.  But as far as Garabandal and the other alleged apparitions go, our faith does not need to dwell there.  At the same time, you must be aware of such things.  You do not need to put your trust in them, but you very well need to be cognizant of such things because they do pose a possible threat to your world and more importantly to your faith. 


10:14pm - October 6th, 2011

You know, the thought occurred to me today, that if I was in personal possession of such a photograph that I felt was possibly spiritually related, I would scan or copy the picture and then I would sprinkle a decent amount of Holy Water on the picture/image. I had read that in 1791 that there was an ammonia spill on the tilma of Juan Diego with the Image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on it. It is claimed that the image miraculously "healed" itself. If such an image is demonic, I would venture to say that Holy Water would at least destroy some of the image. If the picture is indeed of God, then Holy Water should have no effect. Just a thought.


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