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Email Regarding April 11, 2013

Dear Friends,

I received an email yesterday that I will post below. I want to share it with you because I feel it is very important for people to know its points. The whole premise to my website is to find the truth and help share it with others. At no time will I willingly hold on to false information or assessments. I will drop and surrender everything to God's truth in a heartbeat. I need some time to process this individual's points and do my best to attempt to understand and promote the truth. At this point in time I still feel that both dates are very compelling and I need some time to compare the information to be able to understand what I need to share with people. The only thing that I want to promote on my site is the truth.

Please review the below email. Once I have been able to compare this information against my own, then I will post a new update of my findings. I will say, in either case it looks like the Great Miracle is right around the corner and I wish to help prepare people for its coming. In any event, the real message stands firm. Love God and always seek his Mercy.

Casey 9/6/11


Dear Casey,

I am writing to you with regards to your website and your predictions of the Miracle of Garabandal.

First off, let me give you a little background.
I am a close personal friend and assistant to Garabandal Eyewitness and promoter, Maria C. Saraco. Also, I have been to Garabandal myself with Maria's group a number of times.

With regards to your prediction, your prerequisites are correct, except that you left an important one out- the Miracle will not occur on a feast day of Our Lord or Our Lady. May 9th, 2013, Ascension Thursday, commonly known as The Feast of The Ascension, is not a candidate.

However, you are probably not far off, for the following reasons:

- We know that the Warning must precede the Miracle. I happen to know, as per Maria, that Mari Loli had at one point been questioned by a priest who was trying to extract the year of the Warning from her. She would not tell him. Finally, he asked if she could at least tell him if it was an even or odd year. She relented and told him that it would be an even year. This makes the year 2013 a candidate for the Miracle.

- April 11, 2013 is the feast of St. Stanislaus, who is a martyred saint of the Eucharist. He was a Polish bishop who was murdered while saying mass in Krakow, in of all things, a chapel named after St. Michael. St. Michael is a major player in the Garabandal story. Conchita had said that the name of this saint would be hard to pronounce.

- It is Maria Saraco's very firm personal opinion that April 11, 2013 will be the day of the Miracle. She has had several personal confirmations of this. Maria obviously is not infallible, but one thing I can say about her as long as I have known her is that she does not make mistakes when it comes to Garabandal. And I have never heard her speak like this before.

- As far as the Miracle coinciding with a great event in the church, that remains to be seen. According to Conchita, the event would have nothing to do with Garabandal. Maria has suggested that perhaps it might be something like the canonization of John Paul II.

- My personal opinion (and let me emphasize that this is strictly my opinion), is that 2013 will be the year of the Miracle because the Blessed Virgin Mary seems to like the number 13. She appears frequently to people on that date in both approved (i.e., Fatima), and non-approved apparitions.

In any event, some things for you to think about. I also urge you to visit Maria's website,, if you have not already.



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